For so many years Paydar Tejarat Zarin company has been working with different organizations such as Agricultural Engineering Research Institute and Agricultural Biotechnology Research Institute of Iran, conducting extensive research on oil seeds plants including olive oil, sunflower and sesame. Furthermore, additional private sectors have been consistently coordinating with us for both small and large size projects including harvesting, processing and using oil for medical purposes.

"Open Sesame"

On December 2014, the company decided on an alternative method for processing sesame seeds. Paydar Tejarat Zarin brought a team of experts that made the procedure significantly effective. The implementation was done across all the domestic farm land. It was an innovative way that guaranteed no compromise.

Sun of Hope

On 2015 the company cultivated a land specifically for sunflower seeds oil, it was 10000 square meter. The whole purpose was centered around the goal to aid and assist the living conditions of near villages. After six months of its initiation, we were already noticing improvements. Our team were determined to make this plan achievable and it did create a crucial enhancement in education and health benefit of local people. The villagers, our team and a group of students were closely collaborating to ensure the success of this project.


At the beginning of 2016 the company joined with some of the private nutritional institution to help facilitate importing flax oil seeds to some of the neighboring countries, such as Dubai, Iraq and Oman. The company owns several lands for the production of fax oil seeds and only works with the best team to increase the quality of it. In the last year we have imported more than 500 thousand tones to allocated countries.