With more than 100 investment professionals based in South America, Europe, Middle East and Asia, we offer a broad range of actively managed investment strategies and solutions covering global, regional and domestic market and asset classes. Our investment teams share a common set of values and a commitment to delivering the investment outcomes our clients expect. Our investment approach is underpinned by a culture that is dynamic and interactive and by processes that are team-based, performance driven and risk aware.

Area of expertise:

Paydar Tejarat Zarin co. has trade different types of products such as oil extraction equipment, steel & etc to many countries including, Iran, Iraq, Oman, Turkey and Armenia… Paydar Tejarat Zarin has created a robust business relationship with a variety of both international and domestic organisations throughout the country. Mining and excavation are another major industry we have been working for decades, allocating a huge amount of funds to facilitate the provision of essential appliances. We are also present in Energy market such as traditional energy sources like fossil energies and new energy sources solar energy or wind tourbines.

The diversity of skills:

Our team comprises of experts coming from all over the world with various cultural and linguistic backgrounds with a unique mindset that inspires us all. Also, our friendship is deeply embedded in different countries where our mutual interaction reaches into an international openness for investment.


For the past five years, our firm has successively been the leading company in supplying and offering the most reliable products and services. Now, we are trying to venture beyond what our clients require from us and focus decisively on areas that are crucial to prosperity and customer satisfaction. Furthermore, The company is undertaking a new mission that would absolutely propel and motives employees to move toward achieving our goal; to spread trust among clients and to ensure their loyalty. We are now ready to enter and invest in any market connected to our interest and previous domain of investment.