In today’s world, some may call energy the impetus with which the world is able to move, and it comes in a variety of forms that gives momentum to our societies and our countries. Fossil fuel is no exception of this. Although the use of renewable energy such as sunlight, wind, and rain are pervading around the world and a number of companies have firmly decided that it is detrimental to the climate, we cannot ignore the fact that it is still highly valuable, producing significant amounts of energy. With Iran being among the world’s top largest oil-producing countries and an estimate of 4.13 million barrels per day, Paydar Tejarat Zarin Co. can confidently say that it can provide the demands of clients all around the world. During last decades, the firm was able to increase business ownership from one station to being the largest company in the country, providing fuel to all sectors and offering customers the best quality with competitive prices. Our goal is to consistently supply the highest quality fossil fuel and create a trustworthy network of communication.