Paydar Tejarat Zarin is a leading company in the field of industrial trading. The firm also has an extensive experience in importing and exporting commodities in Iran and has conducted business interaction for several years. We are capable of exporting steel plates to provide strategic products and to forge a strong link in the supply chain of heavy industries such as oil, gas, petrochemical, maritime and car manufacturing to fulfil the need of broad-width steel plates and heating processes. Moreover, we would accept our customers’ orders in production of steel parts.

Listed below are the material types of steel plates that we have:
Structural Steels
Normalized Steels
• Plates for normalized / normalized rolled structural steels
• Plates for structural steels with improved corrosion resistance
High Yield Strength Steels
Pressure Vessel Steels
• Plates used for pressure purposes
• Plates for structural steels with improved toughness
Pipe Line Steels
Ship Building Steels
Listed below are the sample of steel products that we can provide for our customers:
• Steel Pipe
• Steel Bolt and Nut
• Steel Fittings
• Steel Rebar