Paydar Tejarat Zarin Co. is a leading firm in general trading in the field of agriculture in Iran. Depending on our modern marketing strategies, we assure farmers and manufacturers in order to ease their ways of sales. Moreover, we do our best to supply required materials and commodities on time with the best quality.

Our story:

In 2006 Paydar tejarat zarin Co. started off providing customised consultation to those who wanted to boost their businesses. Gradually, the firm put together a culturally diverse group with unchanging determination they exceeded all expectations. After that, our business development team partnered with some of the international start-ups and the return on our investment was so promising that it cemented the long path from which we embarked on.


Adhering to a versatile strategy that recognises ideal opportunities, mitigates any risk by carefully managing all the data and promises the flourishing of more precise and oriented solutions. We endeavour to make the time work to our advantage; our approaches evolve just the same as our needs do.

Holistic view:

Paydaz zarin Co. follows the belief that an effective outcome will blossom only when there is an intimate and profound collaboration between managers and staff. Subsequently, an ultimate and effective decision will be made when all voices are heard and opinions are shared.